Because he is small and grandiose;

because he thinks France should lead Europe and that Europe should lead the world; because he is brazen and ruthless in pursuit of power, and autocratic and shameless in exercising it; because he is self-dramatizing, an exhibitionist and an opportunist, as well as able, shrewd, and adroit; because he represents himself as both a conservative and a reformer, and is driven not by ideology but by instinct and impulse; because he was not born or bred to rule but stormed the establishment as an outsider, convinced of his destiny to enter history by altering history’s course; because he comes off as contemptuous of snobbish élites, and because he also craves the acceptance of those élites; because he thrives in crisis and is prone to floundering when he’s not under extreme pressure; and because he seeks to project French influence abroad to boost his own stature at home, Nicolas Sarkozy is often described as a would-be Napoleon”


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