Month: December 2009

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‘alo ‘alo mah sweet companyun.

a nice song to






charchar is blowing up all over the place.

and i like it.

did you see Anti-Christ?

talk about yikes.

i wish i would run into a white stag sometime.

like the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe-white-stag-run-in.

including the turkish delight.

what a magestic brotha, he is, huh?

and blast!

how did i miss this show?

(1 via 2 or 3 things i know

2 via scott belcastro

3 via the met)

i own

The Biggest Coat On The Face Of The Planet.

i wish i had a pic.

I am often mistaken for

a druid

(which is flattering, but still).

It’s a size 16.

I am, ahem, a size 6.

My dad picked it out for me 7 years ago

in reaction

to years

of too-tight, cropped, ultra thin

versions of winter coats.

at first i was in states of

WTF dad?


OMGlikehowcould/would/didyoulikedothistome dad?


other torment

but now

i cannot part with

The Biggest Coat On The Face Of The Planet

despite my more refined taste.

Living far away from home,

The Biggest Coat On The Face Of The Planet

reminds me of

him whenever I wear it.